Brewers Keep Unloading, Trade Jean Segura and Tyler Wagner to Diamondbacks

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Brewers Keep Unloading, Trade Jean Segura and Tyler Wagner to Diamondbacks

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Hey, how about a random Saturday night baseball trade?

Arguably, the Brewers just improved for 2016, given that Segura is much worse than you might realize – he’s been worth a total of 0.2 WAR the past two seasons combined, and has posted wRC+ figures of 66 and 62 while playing moderately useful shortstop defense. At this point in his career, he might be a starter (which, on the Diamondbacks, he might not be), and unless the Diamondbacks think they can reclaim him in some way, I’m not sure why they’d pick him up at all (except, well, you know, Diamondbacks).

Wagner, 25, is actually a moderately interesting young pitcher who was a top 20 prospect for the decent Brewers’ system coming into 2015. He seems like a nice get.

Anderson, 28, might be a useful pitcher. Hill, 33, is no longer a particularly useful player. Diaz, 19, was a second round draft pick last year, and appears to be a useful prospect.

Given the cash changing hands and Hill’s healthy contract, this appears to be a deal where Arizona wanted to save a little money while picking up a versatile back-up infielder and an interesting young arm, whereas the Brewers get a cost-controlled older starter and an interesting young prospect. I guess it makes sense for each side, though I’m not sure the Brewers wouldn’t just have been better off hanging onto Wagner.


Author: Brett Taylor

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