David Ross Would Like to Be a Manager Some Day

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David Ross Would Like to Be a Manager Some Day

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david ross cubsShortly after several peers identified him as a potential future big league manager, David Ross gave an interview to David Laurila at FanGraphs.

The article is a great read, and opens with the admission that, yes, Ross would like to manage in the big leagues one day.

So, following up on that admission, Laurila asks Ross about his managerial style, to which Ross responds with great detail and interesting insight. Among the topics covered are what he considers qualities of a good manager, generating strategies alongside the front office, managing in-game adjustments, pitch counts, third time through the order and much, much more.

It really is a fantastic read that you should check out today.

Among some of the more interesting bits was his thoughts on shifting in the outfield – something we will be getting into soon in more detail. Ross believes that the outfield should be shifted more often, catering to the batter at the plate. Like infield shifts, Ross believes, outfield shifts can make hitters alter the very approach that has made them successful to begin with and cause them to get themselves out.

And, on his immediate future, Ross declines to speak beyond the 2016 season. “I’m playing one more year, but beyond that I don’t have a timeframe in mind.” He follows up by explaining how seriously he would consider the opportunity to manage a team, because figuring out ways to beat the opposition is the ultimate challenge and something he seriously enjoys.

Given his obvious interest, abilities and reputation around baseball, I’d say it won’t be long until we see David Ross managing in a clubhouse. While that may not come immediately in 2017, he’ll undoubtedly have many opportunities to start coaching right away – maybe even with the Cubs.


Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @Michael_Cerami.