Sounds Like the Cubs Aren't Most Likely for Lazarito, But Other Cuban Prospects in Play (UPDATE)

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Sounds Like the Cubs Aren’t Most Likely for Lazarito, But Other Cuban Prospects in Play (UPDATE)

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Although a decision could come at any time for big-time Cuban outfield prospect Lazaro “Lazarito” Armenteros, it doesn’t sound like that decision is going to come with the Cubs at the end of it:

Sharma is usually pretty solid on this stuff, so when he puts something like that out there, you listen.

And, indeed, if it plays out that way, it’s hardly surprising. Rumors have Lazarito’s price tag reaching $20 million, which would cost the signing team a total of $40 million after the overage tax is factored in, and we’ve never thought the Cubs were likely to go to that level (unless they were enamored with Lazarito, and we’ve never gotten that sense). T

here’s only one team out there that can afford to spend absurd money on a prospect just to do it – as opposed to saving up huge spending bullets for the guys they really, really like – and that’s the Dodgers. (Sure, the Red Sox and Yankees could probably do it, too, but they’re both prohibited from spending more than $300,000 on any one prospect right now.)

Sure, the Cubs have spent a whole lot of money the last two offseasons, and sure, they’re committing a lot in international free agency in this period, but the money tree does not have unlimited blossoms. Perhaps in a few years when a new Cubs TV deal kicks in there will be no limitations, but that is not the case today.

Still, with a wave of Cuban prospects on the way, hopefully before the end of the current IFA period, and with the Cubs in the max penalty range anyway, Lazarito winding up elsewhere is not necessarily a huge blow to the Cubs.

Indeed, earlier this week, Sharma wrote at The Athletic about other Cuban prospects in whom the Cubs will have interest, like outfielder Yadiel Hernandez, top Cuban pitching prospect Norge Ruiz, and lefty Cionel Perez. Other than Ruiz, I’d be lying if I said I knew much about any of the Cuban prospects out there beyond what we’ve written before. It’s entirely possible, though, that the Cubs greatly prefer other Cuban prospects out there, and that’s where they’re readying to spend big.

For me, right now, it’s enough to say the Cubs are following closely, and there are likely to be some exciting developments before July.

UPDATE: It could be a while:


Author: Brett Taylor

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