Cubs Are Set Up for Success Behind the Plate and Other Bullets

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Cubs Are Set Up for Success Behind the Plate and Other Bullets

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miguel montero cubsI am very glad to hear that ‘Review’ is going to get a third season from Comedy Central, but I’m extremely sad to hear that it will (1) be the final season, and (2) be shortened – possibly extremely shortened, into just a few episodes. Unfortunately, it was one of the best-least-watched shows of the last couple years, and I think people just couldn’t get past the gimmicky concept (guy reviews life experiences) to actually sit down and watch the show, and then see that it was actually so much more than that. Funny, dark, sad, poignant … it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m going to be really bummed when it’s over. It’ll be one of those few shows that you just know could have been so much more, but was never given a chance.

  • David Ross confirms and discusses his retirement plans, telling CSN, “It’s time. I don’t want to be that guy that stays at the party too long. It’s time to get kicked out of the party.” There’s actually a lot in there from Ross, and it’s a fun read. He can contribute to this team in so many ways this season, and then hopefully beyond in another role. Whatever he decides to do after his playing days, it seems like he’s going to be very successful.
  • As for the starting catcher, Miguel Montero tells the Tribune he has a better understanding now of what it’s like to be the catcher on a Joe Maddon team, where you’ve got to be ready to come in late to a game even if you didn’t start that day. Substitutions behind the plate in-game are very rare, but because of Maddon’s willingness to take risks and require versatility, it’s more common with Maddon than others. Furthermore, because the Cubs will have a third catcher on the roster in Kyle Schwarber, they can do it even more. Montero is famously a guy who wants to start every day, so you can understand how last year was probably a big adjustment for him. But, at the same time, it looked like he performed his best when he was giving periodic time off. With Schwarber in tow, the Cubs will have the luxury of being slightly more rotational behind the plate than most teams can afford to be. Done properly, it could maximize match-ups, maximize health (Montero is coming off a serious thumb injury, and Ross is about to turn 39), maximize Montero’s performance, and move along Schwarber’s development behind the plate.
  • And, it’s worth pointing out again: when it comes to the things catchers need to do to be successful behind the plate, the Cubs are really, really good. (Oh, and their back-up-back-up catcher, Tim Federowicz, is also really fantastic behind the plate if he’s healthy.)


Author: Brett Taylor

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