A Bunch More Cubs Broadcasts Will Be Available Via MLB.tv

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A Bunch More Cubs Broadcasts Will Be Available Via MLB.tv

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sloan park mesa cubs springYet another reason to sign up for MLB.tv!

On January 27, the Chicago Cubs released their Spring Training Broadcast Schedule, which you can see here.

From there, we know that, of the 32 scheduled games, 30 will be available via audio or video. And 11 of those 30 games will be broadcast live on TV on CSN Chicago (six games) or WGN-9 (three) or ESPN (two). Visual Cubs fix –> sated.

Last spring, however, we were able to watch five or six additional Spring Games broadcast by other networks and available live via MLB.tv that we didn’t otherwise have access to. We didn’t know for sure if, or how many, of those additional broadcasts would be picked up this year … until now.

The good people at MLB.com have released the full MLB.tv Spring Training broadcasting schedule and it looks like we’ll get video access to nine additional games. Some of the games will also wind up on MLB Network, but, if it’s like last year, they’re typically overnight replays, rather than being broadcast live. If you want the games live, that’s where MLB.tv hooks you up.

Here are all the games that will be televised from MLB.tv (or otherwise) with the ones only available on MLB.tv in bold:

  • March 4 vs. Dodgers (Hey! I’ll be there)
  • March 6 vs. Diamondbacks
  • March 10 vs. Mariners
  • March 12 (split squad) vs. White Sox
  • March 12 (split squad) vs. Dodgers
  • March 15 vs. Padres
  • March 16 vs. Royals
  • March 17 vs. Diamondbacks
  • March 18 vs. White Sox
  • March 20 vs. Royals
  • March 23 vs. Rangers
  • March 24 vs. Giants
  • March 25 vs. Brewers
  • March 26 vs. Giants
  • March 27 vs. Mariners
  • March 28 vs. Angels 
  • March 29 vs. A’s
  • March 31 vs. Mets
  • April 1 vs. Mets
  • April 3 vs. Angels

So, by signing up for MLB.tv using this link here, you not only support Bleacher Nation, but you will also get to watch nine(!) more Cubs games starting in just two weeks!


Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @Michael_Cerami.