Kyle Schwarber Leaves Game with Knee Soreness

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Kyle Schwarber Leaves Game with Knee Soreness

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No matter how many times I’ve told myself to mentally prepare for injuries big or small – they just always happen – I’m always immediately surprised and bummed when they come out.

After starting the game in left field today, Kyle Schwarber came out after just two innings. Unlike most Spring Training games, though, his removal from the game wasn’t scheduled, instead it was due to a sore left knee.

According to Schwarber, via Carrie Muskat, he tweaked his left knee making a throw in the bottom of the first inning after Stefen Romero doubled on a line drive to left field. “I took the at-bat [in the second] and it didn’t feel good and wanted to come in and get it taken care of,” Schwarber told Muskat.

It’s a moderately good sign that he felt comfortable enough to take the at bat, but obviously we’d all prefer an abundance of caution.

Still, with roughly three weeks to go until Opening Day, Schwarber should have plenty of time to recover, especially if it was just something minor. Schwarber doesn’t believe it to be too significant and he expects to miss just a couple of days. But, I’ll remind you, players often concede to feeling better immediately after an injury, as opposed to a few hours later. Although, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any reason to freak out right now. Hopefully, it was just a tweak and we’ll see him out there again after the weekend.

We’ll continue to update you on his progress, as soon as there is some more information out there. If everything is indeed honky dory, though, we might not hear too much about this until we see him back in the field.


Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @Michael_Cerami.