No, the Cubs Weren't Stealing Signs and Other Bullets

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No, the Cubs Weren’t Stealing Signs and Other Bullets

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heyward and bumgarnerWe returned home in the late afternoon yesterday, and I started the process of digging out from under the ancillary life activities that build up when you’re away for nine days. (If you’ve emailed me in the last two weeks and I’ve not gotten back to you yet, I do apologize, but it might be a bit before I get back to you – I’m sorting through hundreds of emails at the moment when I get spare time.)

Also: the jet lag is so real this time. It usually doesn’t bother me, but I feel absolutely wrecked today trying to get back on my usual schedule. I was recently told that eating meals at your regular time helps you re-adjust quickly, so I’m gonna work on that. I’m also told (by myself) that getting the Bullets out at your regular time helps, too, so …

  • No, the Cubs weren’t stealing signs yesterday … in a Spring Training game … in a way so obvious that Madison Bumgarner could tell. Here’s how it went down last night if you missed it, and now here’s the final word. After the game, Bumgarner said there was only one reason Heyward would be looking to Fowler after he struck out (sign stealing), and they need to be more discreet about it. Except that isn’t the only reason Heyward would be looking – there’s also the reason he was actually looking. Despite the lefty’s complaints, it’s pretty clear what happened: Heyward was called out on strike three, and he looked out to Dexter Fowler, standing on second base, as if to ask whether it was really a strike. As they communicated, verbally or non-verbally, Bumgarner pounced, thinking Heyward was talking to/looking at him. Overreaction, misunderstanding, etc.
  • You can read more about the situation here at, where Heyward explains it all.
  • Heyward was also interviewed in-game, discussing it more, and his explanation for everything – and how he goes out of his way to compliment Bumgarner and Buster Posey – sounds pretty credible to me:

  • Moving on. Kris Bryant spoke about his lack of power results this spring with, and he makes an interesting point: last year, as a minor leaguer, he played much more regularly early in camp, and that gets you into a rhythm, whereas it’s a little more irregular as a big leaguer getting ready for the season. Even setting that aside, we’re talking about a small sample, and a bunch of balls that have gone to the wall for him this Spring – change the wind a puff here and there, minor differences, and he’s got several more homers. I don’t think there’s anything to it.
  • That said, Bryant has been working on a change to flatten out his swing a little bit, and he’s feeling good about the results (, Tribune). The goal is to improve overall contact without sacrificing home run power – indeed, if Bryant gets the angle just right, he could actually increase his home run output (he wouldn’t have as many of his trademark towering shots, but he’d have more rocket-type shots), especially when the conditions are less conducive to homers.
  • One more on Bryant, who started in left field yesterday, arguably giving the Cubs their best defensive outfield alignment (if Matt Szczur doesn’t make the roster, that is) – Joe Maddon didn’t disagree that Bryant-Fowler-Heyward might be the Cubs’ best outfield defense, but asked rhetorically what happens in the infield then, because you don’t want to sacrifice defense there if you were, for example, trying to go max defense late in a game ( To me, that’s an easy answer given how all-universe Javy Baez looked at third base defensively last year, albeit in limited doses. If Szczur doesn’t make the roster, I think sending Bryant to left and putting Baez at third is your best late-game, max defense.
  • Among the notes here, the Cubs’ Wives are holding a fundraiser today.
  • This is so awesome, as two Cubs prospects graduate from the team’s English program:


Author: Brett Taylor

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