Cubs Release a Group of Minor Leaguers

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Cubs Release a Group of Minor Leaguers

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We at Bleacher Nation often joke about the relative frequency of Cubs minor league signings, because, for years, they felt like the only free agent contracts we’d get to enjoy.

Even still, we love to cover each and every deal, because they are usually for unique and interesting players that may look completely broken by one measure, but could be very good from another.

You know the story, because there’s always one or two of them per season. Pitcher X can throw in the upper 90s, but has absolutely no control. Or, reliever Y can get a 55%+ ground ball rate, but can’t strike a hitter out. Or player Z can mash the ball, but has no defensive home, other than first base or DH.

You sign these guys because their individual skill sets are promising, and you take the volume approach, because it’s fairly rare that any one of them will ever work out. And sometimes, you simply need depth in the organization, at all levels.

But, if you keep trying and keep angling, every now and then you get Chris Coghlan, who was excellent for the Cubs, after signing a minor league deal with the team back in 2014.

Unfortunately, as I said, most of these deals do not work out and the players eventually get released. Sometimes that’s because they found other, better jobs; sometimes it’s because they are ready to move on; and sometimes, their release is simply because there is no longer any room for them within the organization.

Of course, minor league signings are not the only players to be released around this time of year. There are also former draftees and trade acquisitions that didn’t quite work out.

Today, I’m here to report, via Baseball America, that the Chicago Cubs have parted ways with the following minor leaguers, including minor league signings, draft picks, and, in the case of Matt Brazis, trade acquisitions:

  • Matt Brazis, RHP
  • Yomar Morel, RHP
  • Santiago Rodriguez, RHP
  • Austyn Willis, RHP
  • Heath Dwyer, LHP
  • Nick Greenwood, LHP
  • Sam Wilson, LHP
  • Jordan Hankins, C
  • Matt Clark, 1B
  • Donnie Cimino, OF
  • Jonathan Mota, SS (voluntarily retired, appears to be coaching in Cubs’ system now)

You can see every players that has been recently released by teams here at Baseball America. Best of luck to all of them.


Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @Michael_Cerami.