Wake Up and Watch Kyle Schwarber Go Back-to-Back with Jon Lester

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Wake Up and Watch Kyle Schwarber Go Back-to-Back with Jon Lester

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I’m sure that Scott Oberg is a fine gentleman. And there’s a chance he might be a decent pitcher, too. The 26-year-old righty has worked his way up through the Rockies’ farm system, reaching the big leagues last season. It was not an especially good year, but, hey, when was the last time you pitched in the big leagues? It’s a huge accomplishment just to get there.

I hope Oberg keeps these things in mind when he wakes up today and remembers that he gave up a deep, opposite-field homer to Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester yesterday:

In Oberg’s defense, Lester’s always had a deceptively good swing and quite a bit of thump. Until yesterday, Lester just didn’t get much loft on the ball. It was bound to happen to someone, and Oberg was the man. Maybe this will be the start of a new chapter for Lester, where he runs into a couple deep ones this year. That would be fun.

Also fun: Kyle Schwarber followed Lester yesterday with a deep, opposite field shot of his own:

Schwarber going back-to-back with Lester. Not sure that’s something we’ll ever see again, though I wouldn’t quite call it impossible. When Dexter Fowler sits this year, I think there’s a chance that Schwarber will hit leadoff like he did yesterday. And if that happens on a Jon Lester day, you just never know …


Author: Brett Taylor

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