Cardinals Still Won't Directly Discuss the "Other Team" in NL Central and Other Bullets

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Cardinals Still Won’t Directly Discuss the “Other Team” in NL Central and Other Bullets

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mike matheny cardinalsThe movie with the kiddos yesterday was solid. They enjoyed it, they were super well-behaved, and I didn’t hate the movie. It was ‘Zootopia,’ which, as far as those movies go, was fine (‘Inside Out’ was better, as far as “still entertaining for adults” goes – actually, that’s probably my favorite of the Disney/Pixar flicks. But I did appreciate the ‘Breaking Bad’ reference in ‘Zootopia.’ Not something I was expecting to see in a children’s movie.).

Totally unrelated: tomorrow night, Michael and I will do an Opening Day, pre-game live stream at 7:30pm CT here at BN. Come, watch, ask questions, have a drink, party, have fun, and get ready for the 2016 Cubs season!

  • Mike Matheny’s Cardinals face the Pirates today, clearly two of the top three teams in the NL Central, but he’s not too keen on saying the name of the “other team” in that three-some, telling the St. Louis Post Dispatch: “Obviously, you hear everything about the ‘other team.’ I don’t know if (the Pirates) have been slighted or not. Our guys would say that we have, but I imagine they’re saying the same thing because there’s so much noise coming out of the one team.” Matheny went on to mention how the “other team” can “say all they want” but it’s got to be played out on the field.
  • To that I say: (1) I really think it’s fun that, all offseason, the Cardinals and their fans have been uninterested in talking about the Cubs by name – rivalries are cool; and (2) have the Cubs really been the ones saying things about themselves or generating noise about themselves this offseason? I really don’t think so. There’s a lot of noise about the Cubs – because they look stacked on paper to everyone who is critically analyzing teams on paper this offseason – but not a lot of noise from the Cubs about how awesome they are. They’re just not built to be that way.
  • This is a fantastic read from the Washington Post on Theo Epstein’s career, his time coming up with the Padres, then the Red Sox, and his transition to the Cubs. It’s fun to see Epstein reveal that, even as far back as 2007, when the Red Sox won the World Series for the second time during Epstein’s tenure as GM, he started to think about the Chicago Cubs: “At that point, I kind of had Chicago in the back of my mind. Maybe someday, that would be so wonderful to do that there, taking what I’ve learned here and applying it to that situation.” To me, that makes him feel a little less like a mercenary (even as I appreciated that Tom Ricketts brought Epstein in, mercenary or not), and more like a guy who always wanted this particular challenge. It makes me feel more of a kinship, which has always been quietly very important to Cubs fans.
  • I also really dug the discussion of how Ricketts went about trying to isolate THE guy he wanted to run baseball operations for the Cubs, and how he then went about landing Epstein. It remains an underappreciated part of Ricketts’ tenure, as he didn’t merely luck into landing Epstein after the Red Sox’s crushing 2011 season.
  • Clearly, the Angels will not be ready to face the Cubs for tomorrow night’s opener, because they’ve been too busy pranking each other.
  • You may have forgotten that Brendan Ryan’s status with the Nationals has a small financial impact on the Cubs, but today the Nats sent him to minor league camp.
  • Thanks to Max for the heads up on this – if you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can get for free.
  • Jon Morosi has moved on from Fox Sports, and is now at and MLBN full-time.
  • I saw that the Wife shared the Bryzzo Souvenir Company video on Facebook this morning, and it definitely gave me some added tingles for tomorrow. HURRY, CUBS BASEBALL!
  • Speaking of which – the mind is ready, the body is willing:

  • Also, a reminder that today is Opening Day for six teams, which means there is REAL BASEBALL TODAY (also, click that like button!):

It’s here! The 2016 MLB season has FINALLY arrived!

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