Kyle Schwarber Will Reportedly Have Knee Surgery as Soon as This Week

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Kyle Schwarber Will Reportedly Have Knee Surgery as Soon as This Week

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kyle schwarber hurtLurking always at the back of my mind when I get excited about a great win like last night’s is the thought that Kyle Schwarber doesn’t get to be a part of it on the field. The Cubs’ young slugging left fielder and catcher tore his ACL and LCL earlier this year, and will miss the rest of the season. Although the team will do everything it can to keep him involved as he rehabs, the situation adds a considerable dose of bittersweet to everything.

But he’ll be back. A determined, hard-working young man like Schwarber is going to come back from an injury like this, and the first step is the surgery to repair his knee ligaments.

Schwarber suffered the injury April 7, so we’re just about at the midpoint of the estimated one to three week wait before surgery could be performed after the swelling went down.

To that end, Joe Maddon told the Tribune, CSN, and ESPN that Schwarber’s surgery will come soon, potentially as soon as this week, though he declined to give details in the interest of protecting some of Schwarber’s privacy. Although that goes only so far with respect to a fan favorite and public figure like Schwarber, you can certainly understand why the public doesn’t need to know every single precise detail of the process. Hopefully the surgery goes well, and we hear about that success at some point in the near future.

Then, Schwarber can attack the rehab process, and possibly be all systems go for Spring Training next year. No one has been comfortable laying out a timeline for his return just yet – other than saying it won’t be this season – because knee injuries involving multiple ligaments are complicated, and my understanding is that a lot depends on things you simply can’t know right now (how things look when the doctors actually get in there, how well the surgery goes, how Schwarber’s body responds to the surgery, etc.). We’ll just have to follow along the process as it plays out. All the best to Schwarber.


Author: Brett Taylor

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