Wake Up and Watch Kris Bryant's Diving Play and Anthony Rizzo's 1.5 Homers

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Wake Up and Watch Kris Bryant’s Diving Play and Anthony Rizzo’s 1.5 Homers

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The Cubs did not win yesterday, but that doesn’t mean (1) the series was not still a big victory for the Cubs, taking two of three in St. Louis; and (2) there aren’t highlights to check out this morning.

For example, how about the great catch out in left by Kris Bryant? You know, the one where he looked completely indistinguishable from a very good left fielder, even though he’s a third baseman by trade, and actually has very little experience in left?

This one:

That’s a great catch. Sure, as far as diving catches in the outfield go, that’s one of the more typical diving catches you’ll see … but it’s still a diving catch! And it was by no means easy. Looked quite smooth, too.

Anthony Rizzo almost single-handedly kept the Cubs in yesterday’s game, driving in a late run as the team tried to rally, and also hitting this homer for their first run of the day:

For all the talk in some circles about Rizzo’s struggles this year, I’m just not seeing it. His peripherals are all normal for him (his ISO and walk rate are actually up!) except one: BABIP. Balls in play are falling at a .154 clip, which is not at all sustainable and a far cry from his career .282 mark. He’s going to get more hits. Lots more. And the dude is still already posting a 113 wRC+.

Moreover, he almost had another homer yesterday – that’s the “0.5” added in the headline – in the very first inning when he sent a shot the opposite way. It took a really fantastic running, leaping grab by Randal Grichuk to save the day:

You have to tip your cap on that one. Just a great, great play. And that would-be two-run homer would have potentially led to a tied game late, since the Cubs ultimately lost 5-3.

At least Rizzo’s hitting the ball hard right now, and that could bode well at the Cubs’ next stop, Great American Ballpark, which is typically pretty hitter-friendly. So is the Reds’ pitching staff.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.