Waiting on Contreras, Pulling Arrieta, and Other Bullets

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Waiting on Contreras, Pulling Arrieta, and Other Bullets

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jake arrieta cubs road blueDoing a weekend wedding trip with The Wife, and I’m going to try and pack for myself in a single backpack (the one I recently got from Amazon, as a matter of fact – still a great deal). The tricky part is going to be the dress shirt and slacks. I guess I can iron them when I get to the hotel as long as I don’t cram them in there too ridiculously. I just like to travel extremely light. I can make this work.

  • We await further word on Kris Bryant’s ankle sprain, and Joe Maddon didn’t want to speculate after the game (Cubs.com). You could read some of his quotes there in such a way as to become less concerned (Bryant was jogging, Maddon didn’t see an obvious injury running the bases, etc.), but I suggest folks take Maddon at his main message for now: let’s just wait for the results of the further evaluation.
  • Of the decision to put Miguel Montero on the disabled list with a sore back, both Montero (Daily Herald) and Joe Maddon (The Athletic) suggested that he could be playing right now if he was absolutely needed, but he’s definitely in some pain. And, without rest, it probably wouldn’t get better. So the best thing to do right now for Montero, and long-term for the team, is to give him the full DL stint to rest up. Hopefully the rest clears things up, and he’s able to stave off any further issues thereafter.
  • Tim Federowicz comes up to replace Montero for now, and not top prospect Willson Contreras. Maddon discussed the decision, and it was basically everything Michael and I wrote about yesterday before a DL stint was even announced: for the near and short-term, this is why the Cubs have a defensively-inclined, big league-experienced catcher like Federowicz available. Longer-term, Contreras will get his shot, maybe in the second half, but it’s best for him to be catching regularly at AAA right now. (Cubs.com)
  • For his part, Contreras says he wasn’t disappointed by the decision, and knows he’ll be in the big leagues soon enough (Des Moines Register). Right now, Federowicz has the experience handling big league pitchers, which is what the Cubs need. Contreras will get his chance when he’s got a little more time at AAA under his belt, catching regularly, and when the Cubs look to put him in place as the catcher of the future. It’s nice, by the way, to be talking about a top prospects not being promoted, and not having to say anything about service time games. That has nothing to do with this decision, as the Cubs are very much trying to win and also trying to make sure Contreras is in the best position to succeed when he does come up.
  • Meanwhile, at Iowa, immediately after learning he wouldn’t be the one getting the call, Contreras went out and worked a four(!)-walk game. The power hasn’t quite been there this year, but Contreras is hitting .368/.448/.439 at Iowa with more walks (8) than strikeouts (7).
  • Joe Maddon pulled Jake Arrieta at 92 pitches yesterday after just five innings, leaving him one inning short of another quality start – a quality start that would have put him within one of Bob Gibson’s big league record for consecutive quality starts. And it was truly the right decision, given the weather conditions, the erratic schedule before the game, the super long and intense first inning, the early stage of the year, and the fact that the Cubs had the game mostly locked up. Maddon explained his decision further after the game to Cubs.com, and Arrieta understood and appreciated the reasoning.
  • Ooh, guitars and amps are Amazon’s deal of the day today – for the Eddie Vedder in all of you.
  • I really enjoyed this shot after David Ross’s monster homer:

  • If you missed it in the wee hours, Dee Gordon – yes, Dee Gordon – has tested positive for PEDs and has been suspended 80 games.
  • The latest Series Review is out. It’s a fun (why is Brett getting sprayed by a hose!?), hopefully informative, three minutes on the Cubs’ series sweep over the Brewers. Check it out (and subscribe to our YouTube channel to always get the latest):


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