Joe Maddon, Bryce Harper, and Making Baseball Fun and Other Bullets

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Joe Maddon, Bryce Harper, and Making Baseball Fun and Other Bullets

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bryce-harper-make-baseball-fun-againI am in Chicago today, and headed to the game tonight. Hopefully I’ll see some of you in the right field bleachers. Given the temps, I’m likely to be wearing a navy blue “CHICAGO” jacket, jeans, and my blue and red shoes. I’m friendly!

  • I loved this read at CSN about Joe Maddon’s position on Bryce Harper’s make-baseball-fun-again comments (and hat!). One of baseball’s brightest, best, and youngest stars, Harper is not crazy about the many “unwritten rules” of the game, and just feels like players should be allowed to have fun. Maddon doesn’t disagree, and wants folks to remember what it was like to be young and excited about what you were doing. That said, he still wants to see guys working hard and understanding their place in the game – for example, you may recall Junior Lake watching a homer, flipping his bat, and shhhhh’ing the Marlins’ bench/fan area last year, and you may recall that Maddon was vocally not a fan. In the CSN piece, Maddon discussed that moment and the distinction there, where a guy who hasn’t been in the league very long needs be more mindful of the situation. It’s a very fine line, but I think what Maddon says is fair, at least with respect to the Junior Lake situation (he went a bit too far). Respecting the game and knowing your place doesn’t mean you can’t have, and show, fun. But don’t be a jerk about it.
  • Maddon still doesn’t feel like Jason Heyward’s wrist issue is a disabled list situation (, and figured he would just continue to give Heyward rest through the Pirates series because the team had been playing well enough. Still, the Cubs are better with a healthy Heyward, so hopefully he’s back today. Michael wrote earlier this morning about some very surprising early-season data on Heyward’s approach at the plate.
  • Javy Baez gets a lot of love from his teammates and manager for his glovework, which is all very well deserved. I think we’ve already reached a point where you’re going to see him starting three, four, five times per week, regardless of anyone else’s health and ability to play. For now, Baez is just that good and valuable (and, hey, let’s not forget: he’s 23 and needs the regular appearance development time, too).
  • That’s so cold, man. A fan was in position to make a diving, upper deck catch of a foul ball at an A’s game … when another fan raced in front of him and made an awesome catch of his own.
  • Kris Bryant participated in a series of challenges with Mike Moustakas and the Dude Perfect group, including dizzy bat egg throwing, dodge ball, and more.
  • Crockpot sale at Amazon! I do the cooking in our house, and I am a crockpot virtuoso (which is to say, I use the crockpot a lot because it’s easy).
  • Dan Vogelbach hit an opposite field grand slam for the Iowa Cubs, and he is raking this year.
  • Some cool background and visuals on the grass patterns in the Wrigley outfield:


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