Technology is Complicated, Soler is Talented, Ross is Powerful, and Other Bullets

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Technology is Complicated, Soler is Talented, Ross is Powerful, and Other Bullets

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soler batting mbdI joke about being old, but, at 34, I realize that I’m not that old. While I certainly wouldn’t characterize myself as young and hip (I probably wouldn’t have even 10 years ago … also, who says “hip,” Brett?), living my professional life online has, I think, kept me fairly well in step with the times.

Except for that damn Snapchat thing.

Because I’m not completely tone deaf, I get that it’s a big deal for a huge chunk of folks, particularly younger folks. So I started playing around with it this week to see if I could get a grasp on it, and maybe incorporate it into the ways I connect BN with folks who love the Cubs. And it was a humbling experience. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was that older person who could not figure out a new technology. I’ll get the hang of it eventually, I’m sure, but it’s surprisingly daunting for something that any 20-year-old can pick up and rush off with immediately.

If you’re on there, you can add me – is that what it’s called? – at BNBrett. Some butthole had already taken BleacherNation, which is very strange to me, because, like, that’s our thing. But, since I’m a Snapchat luddite, I can’t even really figure out how you figure out who that person is and what they’re using our name for. In any case, I can’t promise I’ll do much on there any time soon. But I’m trying to figure it out.

  • Both Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon offered support for Jorge Soler yesterday before he went 1-3 with a walk in Friday’s win over the Pirates. Although the struggles are undeniable right now, the talent is equally undeniable, and Epstein said there had been no talk of sending Soler back to the minors ( Instead, the focus remains getting him more regular playing time when it can be accommodated, and Maddon reminded folks how good Soler showed he could be late last year.
  • With his home run yesterday, David Ross is now just one away from 100 for his career, a mark he’s openly said he’d like to get to before he retires at the end of this season. His teammates are pulling for him, and Jason Hammel told that the players might have to try and talk Theo Epstein into talking Ross out of retiring. On the year, Ross, who worked on his swing mechanics in the offseason, is hitting .245/.348/.453 with incredible 14.7% and 16.2% walk and strikeout rates, respectively. (I wonder if David Ross knows how to use Snapchat …. )
  • Ross should see a return from his catching-mate Miguel Montero soon, as he rehabs from his back injury. It’s possible Montero won’t be back this weekend, as the Cubs face a lefty today and then Ross will catch Jon Lester tomorrow, but it should be very soon either way. Joe Maddon says only that Montero is feeling good, and will be back “real soon” (CSN).
  • Epstein said that John Lackey’s publicly-expressed discontent with Christian Bethancourt’s slow home run trot was just a matter of Lackey being the fiercely competitive guy that he is, and the Cubs don’t want to change it (CSN). From where I sit, although I don’t agree with shouting at a batter on the field after he’s just gone deep, I can definitely understand it if you’re a fired-up competitive type like Lackey. It’s part of the package, and it doesn’t really bother me. What does bother me are the comments after the game about Bethancourt “learning” and not admiring a (monster) home run because he doesn’t have many in his career. Hitting home runs is hard. Heck, the fact that Bethancourt doesn’t have many is all the more reason for him to enjoy it when he crushes one.
  • As Tommy Birch writes, Shane Victorino isn’t ready to be done with baseball yet. The 35-year-old outfielder has seen his career derailed by injuries over the past several years – including a calf injury this spring that took him out of the big league mix when he probably would have had some opportunities to come up – but he’s still working at it, riding the bus, so to speak, with Iowa.
  • Speaking of which, if you missed it earlier, Albert Almora is killing it, and walked the Iowa Cubs off last night.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.