Tim Lincecum Reportedly Near a Deal with the Anaheim Angels

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Tim Lincecum Reportedly Near a Deal with the Anaheim Angels

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tim lincecum giantsAlthough the Chicago Cubs attended one of Tim Lincecum’s throwing showcases in recent weeks, it became clear rather quickly that (1) Lincecum was looking sufficiently healthy that he’d be able to get a big league deal, and (2) even if he didn’t, his best path to regular starts/appearances in the big leagues wouldn’t be with a team like the Cubs.

Which is obviously good news for the Cubs. It’s nice to be in a position to consider a depth addition like Lincecum, and have no qualms when he proves to be too good to be a mere depth addition.

So it is with Lincecum, who is reportedly near a deal with the Anaheim Angels. That fit began to make all-too-perfect sense once the Angels lost both Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney.

Lincecum, now 32, is not the near-ace he was in his younger years, and may wind up having to find a way to contribute out of the bullpen. But you just never know with a latent talent like that. The Giants, among other NL contenders, were reportedly in pursuit as well.

In any case, it sounds like he’s headed to the American League, and any intersection with the Cubs at this point will have to come in a brief interleague match-up or the World Series.

Just kidding. The Angels aren’t going to the World Series.


Author: Brett Taylor

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