Sitting in the Frustration for a Little While and Other Bullets

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Sitting in the Frustration for a Little While and Other Bullets

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joe maddon cubsThe Little Girl starts wiffle ball tonight, and I’m pretty nervous. No, not about her playing – I’m super excited about that part! – I’m nervous because I’m the coach. The only thing I’ve ever coached was my law firm kickball team, which wasn’t exactly the same thing. I actually feel a lot of pressure to help these kids understand the game, while also enjoying their time playing. Not easy to do with five and six-year-olds.

  • Like I said in the EBS last night, although it’s important to keep a loss like that in proper perspective (no individual loss that doesn’t involve catastrophic injury is worth too much anger or sadness), it was the perfect storm of frustration. You not only had the Cubs losing to an inferior opponent, and you not only had the Cubs’ bats held down by a guy who’d been having a terrible season to this point, but you had all that in a night game after an off-day after a day game loss. It’s Wednesday morning, and we haven’t seen the Cubs win a game since Saturday afternoon. That’s four full days without a Cubs win. Given how the season began and how good this Cubs team is, I can understand people being a little feather-ruffled right now. Heck, I’m starting to get itchy. If you’re feeling annoyed, I say go for it. Just like it’s important to enjoy the good times as much as you want to, I actually think it’s important to feel the frustration and marinate in it for a while – again, as long as you can still hold that longer-term perspective in your mind. We aren’t the players. We’re the fans. We’re allowed to be annoyed for a little longer than they are.
  • More annoyance: the Cubs actually had more total bases (10) in last night’s loss than the Brewers (9). Baseball!
  • Teams have shifted on various Cubs batters for a while, but the Brewers seemed to be pretty extreme about it last night. One example:

  • After last night’s loss, Joe Maddon suggested that the Cubs will have to deal this season with teams playing “up” a bit when they face the Cubs (ESPN). I don’t doubt it’s true, though the impact of that up-ness is tough to quantify in baseball.
  • Maybe it’s a touch of old-fashioned coming out, but I would love to have a chance to catch a foul ball in front of The Wife and save her from getting hit like this husbandly hero.
  • Because I do the bulk of the cooking in our house, I am dorky enough to be blown away by these “herb scissors” on Amazon (73% off today, too). What a genius, simple idea – stick a bunch of scissors together and make a bunch of cuts at once. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent tediously cutting/chopping little things. If these scissors actually work, they will save me SO much time.
  • A great find here, given the Cubs’ signing of Joe Nathan yesterday. I don’t recall seeing this, but holy crap that was a terrible call:


Author: Brett Taylor

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