White Sox Re-Name Their Ballpark "Guaranteed Rate Field", People Say Things

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White Sox Re-Name Their Ballpark “Guaranteed Rate Field”, People Say Things

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Big news on the South Side of Chicago, as the Chicago White Sox no longer play at U.S. Cellular Field:

It’s certainly not the smoothest of names, though many sponsored stadium names are clunky and derided when they first arrive. (Imagine a world where Wrigley Field was called Cubs Park, and then suddenly gets sponsored by a gum company (I know that wasn’t the original reason for the name – I’m talking about now). “Wrigley Field” sounds so incredible because its imbued with the feelings and history that you attach to it, but really think about the name. It’s silly. (OK. I can’t do it. I can’t make Wrigley Field sound silly in my head. It just sounds great. Count your blessings, Cubs fans, and pray the Cubs never decide to sell the branding rights to “Wrigley Field at Burger King Park” or whatever.))

Eventually, people will call it “The Rate” or something like that, and it won’t be a joke anymore. It’ll just be another ballpark.

Still, “Guaranteed Rate Field” was in for some chiding around the web, especially when the symbol for the company is an arrow that points down. Great for visually suggesting low mortgage interest rates, but not so great for a sports team:

Other Chicago teams even got in some implied shots:


Author: Brett Taylor

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