Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Auditions for New Head of Wrigley Field Security

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Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Auditions for New Head of Wrigley Field Security

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Eddie Vedder is an impressive man. You may have already known that, but consider his resume: Pearl Jam front man (not bad), Chicago Cubs super fan (alright, alright), and Wrigley Field security guard (wha … wha … what?!).

As Pearl Jam filled Wrigley Field with their musical prowess this week for the second time, Vedder noticed something wrong going on in the crowd, stopped his act mid-song, and addressed the situation with a microphone in front of thousands of fans:

Apparently (although it’s hard to tell exactly what transpired), a man was harassing a woman in one way or another in the crowd, when Vedder stopped and addressed the man directly. Here’s what he appeared to have said, as transcribed by CBS Chicago:

“Hey! Hey mister! Hey, hey, get your finger out of that woman’s face motherf…” he said, stopping himself before he got out the full expletive. “Hey mister, all the the fingers are pointing at you. Yep. Come on. Clear out, mister.”

From what I can tell in the video, the actual Wrigley Field security staff showed up moments later, escorted the man out, and Vedder continued on with his show – asking the woman if she was okay, first. It’s not exactly his job, but it’s hard to argue with the results. He’s like a strange, rock-n-rollin’ super hero.

Eddie Vedder is … Security Man (coming to theaters – or a record store? – near you).


Author: Michael Cerami

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