The Cubs Were One of Just Two Teams to Skip Tim Tebow's Showcase

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The Cubs Were One of Just Two Teams to Skip Tim Tebow’s Showcase

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When I initially joked about Tim Tebow’s foray into professional baseball, I concluded with this: “How would you feel if the Cubs signed him? For me, the circus would definitely be entertaining, but also really distracting, and eventually annoying. I’m all about the Cubs picking up no-risk athletic flyers – because you never know! – but I’m not sure Tebow, and the attention that comes with him, is the same kind of ‘no-risk’ move as signing a guy out of independent ball.”

So, when Tebow held a showcase yesterday and it came out that only two teams didn’t go to see him, and the Cubs were one of those teams? Well, seems like the Cubs agreed with the above assessment. (The A’s, too.)

Patrick Mooney has a full write-up on the Cubs’ decision not to send a scout to Tebow’s workout, including the sense that this is not a guy who is really going to make a go at professional baseball. I have always had a very hard time seeing Tebow put in the years of grind in the minor leagues – if he even gets there – necessary to work his way up. And, in the meantime, everywhere he goes and everything he does will create an outsized reaction. As a baseball fan? I say it’s totally worth the drama. As a Cubs fan? No thanks. The tiny chance of upside is not worth it. (And, can you even imagine the zoo if he pulled off the 0.00001% chance and made the big leagues? The breathless, ridiculous, knowledge-less coverage? Ugh.)

You can read Luke’s write-up on the showcase performance, which was apparently underwhelming. The Cubs, it seems, didn’t miss much except the circus:

I will say this, though. The dude is a physical freak:

A small sample, by the way, of what I mean when I say it would be not especially enjoyable to see Tebow-like coverage of Tebow the baseball player:

From a distance I mean. Smile from a distance.


Author: Brett Taylor

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