The 90-Win Cubs Have Pulled Off a Once-in-a-Century Feat and Other Bullets

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The 90-Win Cubs Have Pulled Off a Once-in-a-Century Feat and Other Bullets

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The Little Boy begins soccer today. I am not coaching, but I’ll be excited to be there and see him having some fun, running around and all that. I’m not a big soccer person myself, but it seems like an appropriate early sport for kiddos.

  • Remember those two terrible starts before the All-Star break that had some folks wondering if Jon Lester was OK? Your answer should be “barely.” Because here’s what he’s done since: 65.1 innings, 1.65 ERA, 25.1% K rate, 7.6% BB rate. He was brilliant again last night, and we’ll get into his season more soon.
  • The TV and stadium guns have gotten a lot better in recent years, but I still like to check the actual PITCHf/x data at Brooks from time to time. Hector Rondon, who was easily sitting 96-98mph last night and looked like he was playing catch, actually hit 99.1mph at one point. Aroldis Chapman, who touched 104mph, actually *averaged* 102.5mph last night. After Lester’s been rocking you all over the zone by changing speeds and flashing great movement all night? Good freaking luck touching those two guys.

  • It’s been too long, guys:

  • Here’s hoping the Cubs can extend that streak next year, and the next year, and the next year, and then, whenever they sadly don’t reach 90 wins, let’s hope it isn’t another 86 years before they repeat it again.
  • I agree with Joe Maddon about so much, but his take on the DH – he really doesn’t like it – I cannot abide. Sorry, Joe. I’m with you on almost everything else.
  • MLB has finally cleared a couple notable Cuban pitching prospects to sign, long after they could have, and long after a team like the Cubs, which overspent in the previous IFA period, would have a chance to sign them. You’ll recall that several teams went into the penalty before the previous period ended, so they were probably pretty aggravated that MLB appears to have dragged its feet. I made a half-joke-half-serious quip about that on Twitter, and BA’s Ben Badler basically said it’s not a joke:

  • It’s not clear why guys like the Gurriel brothers are cleared by MLB within just a couple months after becoming available, whereas others – like Ruiz and Perez – have had to wait over a year. Obviously some players will take a little longer to investigate than others, and maybe some have been better are providing documentation than others. But that length of a discrepancy seems crazy.
  • This is from a little while ago, but it’s fun – BN’er Max passed on a Joe Maddon interview he found from August, conducted entirely in Spanish. I don’t really speak Spanish (un poquito!), but Maddon seems to have a pretty good grasp, which I’m sure is helpful:


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