Last Night's Tie Does and Doesn't Count, Injuries, Sweetness, and Other Bullets

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Last Night’s Tie Does and Doesn’t Count, Injuries, Sweetness, and Other Bullets

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The Littlest Girl is two weeks old today. It is at once crazy that it’s already been two weeks, and also crazy how it feels as though she’s been with us for much longer than that. The time has been something of a blissful, harried blur, but we’re all doing really well.

  • A tie, eh? It hasn’t happened in baseball in 11 years, and it hasn’t happened to the Cubs for another decade past that, but it happened last night, as intense rains delayed the Cubs and Pirates to the point that it wasn’t going to be worth finishing up on getaway day. It was the right call by MLB, but it’s going to be weird to see the Cubs’ final record this year as something like 103-58. There’s no “-1” appended, apparently, because the tie doesn’t actually show up in the teams’ records for some reason ( I say that’s silly. Add the one. It wasn’t a cancelled game, as the stats do count, and fans aren’t getting their tickets exchanged or refunded. So it’s a tie. Let it stand forever in the record; otherwise, people will look back at the Cubs’ record from this year and wonder why they only played 161 games.
  • Good news so far on Chris Coghlan, who sprained his ankle on Wednesday. One of the Cubs’ hottest hitters, Coghlan is feeling good, and hopes to play this weekend in Cincinnati ( I’m not sure that will happen, but it’s a very good sign for his availability for the NLDS.
  • Speaking of which, Jorge Soler is back with the team after getting his side evaluated further ( But the line in that article from Joe Maddon is that he’s hoping Soler can “at least” take batting practice this weekend, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that he’s close to 100%. If Soler can’t play at all this weekend – frankly, you’d want to see him get a couple full games in – it does call into question his ability to be ready and effective in one week for the NLDS. It’s been another deeply frustrating year with Soler’s health, because when he was able to play, he started raking. As it stands, the Cubs are just fortunate to have the depth that they have.
  • The NLDS roster doesn’t have to be set until the day of the first game, by the way. I suspect we’ll see the Cubs announce the roster on the Thursday after the Wild Card Game, but that’s just my guess.
  • Jason Hammel is also an injury/roster consideration, as Michael wrote this morning.

  • We’ll see where this goes:

  • JED!:

  • If you missed it yesterday, a new episode of Limited Range is out. It’s the podcast I do with Sahadev Sharma. It goes in your ears.
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Author: Brett Taylor

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