The Giants Roster, Fun with Mario, Flexible Cubs Depth, and Other Bullets

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The Giants Roster, Fun with Mario, Flexible Cubs Depth, and Other Bullets

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It’s so freaking hard to do “typical” morning Bullets today. Not only because I’m all jacked up about the start of the NLDS – the release of the Cubs’ roster made it feel very real – but also because it feels weird to chat about a random this or that when everyone is so focused on this one singular thing: the playoffs.

Still, I think I can balance the playoff stuff with some other fun stuff … let’s give it a go.

  • For example, the Giants also announced their playoff roster, and it came with a little drama:

  • Do you see it? The pitcher who’s missing? Like, tonight’s starting pitcher Johnny Cueto? … no, the Giants didn’t just lose their mind, and, no, Cueto’s previous groin injury is fine. It was just a typo:

  • Otherwise, is there anything to note from the roster? From the Giants blogger I trust most, it sounds like mostly no. Jarrett Parker – lefty power off the bench – is the only guy missing who was apparently a question.
  • Jon Lester is ready to roll today, which is so incredibly not even a question. It’s nice not to be even the least bit concerned that a starting pitcher is going to come out unprepared or caught up in the moment. Lester’s just gonna be Lester.
  • Oh, by the way, I’m going to do a Facebook Live video Q&A-type-thing at the BN Facebook page at 11:30am CT, so be there or be square.
  • An interesting read at The Ringer about the Cubs’ defensive flexibility, how rare it is (not *that* rare), and how rare it is that a team is this flexible intentionally and is still really good (very rare). The question is whether that flexibility will help as much in the postseason as it did in the regular season, which is pretty fair and obvious question from where I sit. Flexibility protects against injuries and provides wins over a long period of time as the depth expresses itself here and there; in a short series, a lot of that flexible depth will simply never see the field at all.
  • Let’s go:

  • Want to work for the Iowa Cubs? Well:


Author: Brett Taylor

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