MLB Announces World Series Times, Broadcast Info – NOT THAT WE'RE SAYING ANTHING

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MLB Announces World Series Times, Broadcast Info – NOT THAT WE’RE SAYING ANTHING

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[META note: wide swaths of the Internet are being hit by a cyber attack, rendering a large number of web sites inert or slow (and those sites impact other sites). If you notice problems at BN at some point today, it’s probably that.]

MLB today announced the game times and broadcast information for the 2016 World Series which may or may not become very relevant to the Chicago Cubs in the next few days.

All as you’d expect, with games at 7pm CT across the board, and on Fox.

Cubs fans are accustomed to the schedule by this point, as they’ve had exclusively night games throughout the playoffs. With three kids, including a new baby, all of whom are early-risers, I’m working a really tasty sleep debt. Totally worth it, though I’m going to sleep for most of November.

The Indians, by contrast, have played several day games – though they’re in the middle of an extremely long break during which they can rest up and re-adjust their body clocks. I suspect their bloggers are well-rested, too.

The Indians’ opponent will be decided this weekend at Wrigley Field, as the Cubs hold a 3-2 NLCS lead over the Dodgers.

If you’re looking to pick up some postseason Cubs gear in advance of a thing that may or may not happen, you can see the official collection here at Fanatics.


Author: Brett Taylor

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