Some Fun Cubs Videos to Get Yourself Ready: Schwarber, Lights, Link, All the Way

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Some Fun Cubs Videos to Get Yourself Ready: Schwarber, Lights, Link, All the Way

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Are you ready for some #HYPE?

As if we weren’t all excited enough for the first World Series game at Wrigley Field in over 70 years, the Cubs and others have shared a number of exciting/fun videos that should either put you in the right mood or (more likely) just make you even more anxious for the game.

The first one is one of my favorite videos. They’ve played it in the stadium a number of times throughout the season, but this is the first time I’ve seen of it outside of Wrigley. Watch Kyle Schwarber (and friends) have some good ole fashioned fun at Schwarber’s expense:

[Brett: as a former show choir member myself, but one who could not also mash taters, I have nothing but respect for Schwarber. Don’t listen to your teammates, man.]

Next up, a couple of Cubs fans from Nebraska show us that it doesn’t have to be Christmas and you don’t have to live in Wrigleyville to light up your house and properly #FlyTheW. Check out this Halloween themed light-show rendition of our favorite song:

A huge thanks to Johnny Fitz for sharing another excellent – and decidedly unique – 8-but tribute to the Cubs, breaking curses, Matt Szczur’s bat, and bringing home a win tonight:

And finally, allow Theo Epstein’s best friend Eddie Vedder (he is also in a little band called Pearl Jam), serenade you with now not-so-distant dreams of the Cubs one day, going all the way (this video version was apparently created in 2008, but only just released this year):


Author: Michael Cerami

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