The Impermanence of Chalk, Awards Talk, Velocity Talk, and Other Bullets

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The Impermanence of Chalk, Awards Talk, Velocity Talk, and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs News

Hi. How are you doing today?

Whatever happens today and tonight, just know that when you wake up tomorrow, the Chicago Cubs will almost certainly still be world champions.

(Oh, and also, if we could limit political discussion in the comments to preferably nothing, that would be great. Since that’s not realistic today, maybe just keep it factual about what’s happening today? Is that even possible? Am I an insane person for even attempt this parenthetical?)

  • Have you seen the chalk walls at Wrigley Field? The spontaneous outpouring of love and memory that folks have scrawled all over the outside of the ballpark? It’s really incredible and moving (the posed picture there was not just me being overly dramatic – that’s actually how I felt):

  • It is also going away, as chalk, by its very nature, does not last forever (nor would you necessarily want folks putting their own permanent mark on Wrigley Field – some buttholes did write in permanent marker, which is a shame). Cubs business president Crane Kenney has announced that a fence will be put up around the ballpark to continue construction, and the ballpark will be cleaned (final pictures will be taken, though). If you want to see the walls and participate in the moment yourself, get there before 5pm CT today. You can read Kenney’s full statement and explanation at DNAinfo.
  • Gold Glove winners will be announced tonight on an ESPN program starting at 7pm CT, when you will have absolutely nothing else at all to pay attention to. The Cubs have four finalists.

  • More on the man behind ‘Go Cubs Go’, Steve Goodman, if you were unaware of the story.
  • This is very interesting, and is undoubtedly the product of both adjustments in the game, and also just the huge volume of velocity these days (not all of which is actually effective):

  • Historically, I have hated every reference I saw to the goat. I don’t believe in jinxes or curses, and I also felt like it was the laziest form of narration to reference a hurr-hurr BS whatever. But now that the Cubs have won it all, I do not mind stories like this in the least – in fact, I eat them up: “Theo Epstein and Co. Ate a Roasted Goat in the Wrigley Field Bleachers.”
  • Michael not even attempting to show his baseball neutrality over at Baseball is Fun:

  • If you missed it last night, four Cubs were named finalists for major awards, and Dexter Fowler, together with nine other players, received a qualifying offer. The Cubs also made a bunch of roster moves, which is the kind of thing that would be easy to miss amidst the flurry of other stuff.
  • Ever seen those ridiculous, and kinda freaky, horse head masks that bozos wear to make you feel unnerved? Well they’re on sale at Amazon today!
  • A little industry meta, as Mark Cuban is in the middle of a flap with ESPN and the AP about the former’s decision to rely more heavily on the latter for Dallas Mavericks coverage, and his concern that it could lead to automated content coverage (something the AP has been pioneering in minor league baseball). On the one hand, I think it’s really bad idea to revoke journalist credentials for coverage-related decisions a media outlet might make (and I say that as someone who does not have, and may never have, credentials to cover sports events); on the other hand, I do recognize Cuban’s concerns about removing humans from the coverage of sports (because obviously).


Author: Brett Taylor

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