Bullpen Changes, Pitch Framing Changes, Big Deal Changes, and Other Bullets

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Bullpen Changes, Pitch Framing Changes, Big Deal Changes, and Other Bullets

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umpire strikeI will work very hard to ensure that every update for the next few weeks in this top spot of the Bullets is not about my groin convalescence.

So, let’s see. What else can I talk about? Had me two slices of apple-pear-cranberry pie yesterday, and it was insane. The best part is that no one else in the family seems to like it, so the remaining half+ of the pie is going to be mine.

  • Jayson Stark writes about the 2016 MLB postseason, and why it was the “most significant postseason in modern times.” It’s a great read that takes you far beyond the impact of the Cubs finally winning it all – though that is, of course, a huge part of the reason this postseason was so special. More than that, and even more than showcasing all the young stars in the game (think about how many of the best young players in baseball made an appearance in this year’s postseason), these playoffs showed off new and evolving ways of thinking about the game, particularly with respect to how to optimize reliever usage. It’ll be interesting to see how and if the lessons of the postseason (with its many days off and looming end-of-season) are translated into the regular season going forward. Stark notes, for one example, an increasing willingness in free agent closer types to make sure teams know that they will pitch wherever whenever as long as they get paid. To that end, if you want to see even more change in how relievers are used, stats like “saves” and “holds” might need to be further deemphasized in arbitration.


Author: Brett Taylor

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