The World Series Film Airs Tonight, Kang Arrested, Rivalries, and Other Bullets

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The World Series Film Airs Tonight, Kang Arrested, Rivalries, and Other Bullets

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anthony-rizzo-shock-omg-wowThe kiddos have a holiday sing-along pageant-type-thing tonight, which is always great. I know it’s cliche to gush about your kids doing stuff like that, but, man, it just gets you right in the heart.

Last year, though, there was a layer of modest stress, because it happened to be the same night that the Cubs signed John Lackey and the Diamondbacks surprised everyone by signing Zack Greinke. I remember I was filling out the Lackey signing post, updating feverishly, as my family patiently stood a-toe-tapping at my office door. I did the best I could, we sprinted out, and after the show gets started, I see the Greinke signing on Twitter while checking my phone between songs. I was desperately trying to peck that post out on my phone without looking like the absolute monster dad who doesn’t care about his adorable cherubs.

Here’s hoping this year’s edition is news-free, even though there already is one rub: the Cubs’ World Series Film debuts tonight on FoxSports1 at 6:00pm CT, which is about a half an hour after the kids’ program is scheduled to start. So it’s basically a lock that I’ll miss about half of the film, at least this time around. The good news is I’ve pre-ordered my own copy, so I can – and will – watch thereafter as much as I like.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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