Defensive Ability, Outfield Overload, and Other Bullets

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Defensive Ability, Outfield Overload, and Other Bullets

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Forgive the late and abbreviated Bullets – unfortunately we had to take one of our cats to the vet today after she has been having some issues. Hopefully all will be well.

  • The Winter Meetings begin in Washington D.C. tomorrow, and allow that provides for a lot of travel today, it also frequently means we see activity in the second half of the day. I got into some of the latest rumors last night, if you missed it, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn of – for example – a Rich Hill or a Mark Melancon deal today.
  • A very interesting way to visualize the comparison between three young shortstops, and this is actually about what I would have expected:

  • I may have to ask Daren why there isn’t some kind of total range component (it’s possible that doesn’t work or make sense for Statcast on the infield), but yeah, I would have expected Addison Russell to rate very well in quickness and all things with his glove, but rate not as well with his arm. Though, you’ll note that he’s still above average in all facets there except throwing accuracy, where he’s surprisingly way below average. That’s kind of odd, isn’t it? I knew he wasn’t perfect on this throws, but I didn’t realize he’d rate that low – I guess it’s all the more credit to Platinum Glover Anthony Rizzo over at first base.
  • Nick Cafardo wrote about some possible story lines for the week ahead, and, outside of outgoing free agents Aroldis Chapman and Dexter Fowler, the Cubs come in for only one mention: as a possible landing place for outfielder Matt Holliday. That … is an odd one. With Jon Jay in the fold, Kyle Schwarber healthy, and Jorge Soler still around, the Cubs are actually overloaded on outfielders, and, although Holliday still probably has a bat worthy of at least a bench spot on a team like the Cubs, his lack of versatility/defensive ability makes him an overall unattractive roster stash for a team that has other options already. Moreover, it seems like he might be able to land with a team that has much more playing time available. I’d never rule anything out with this front office when it comes to veteran players who can supplement the rest of the team, but I really have a tough time wrapping my head around this one unless there’s a wave of other moves that precede it.

  • If you’re looking for a *cheap* blow-up mattress to keep around just in case, there’s one for under $20 at Amazon today.
  • A status update on my recovery, for those who are interested: it’s been about two weeks since the vasectomy (and the ensuing hematoma, which is a 1 in 100 complication – woo hoo!), and there has definitely been improvement. The hematoma is still there, like a 300-pound bodybuilder trying to live in a studio apartment with his two friends, but the pain associated with it has decreased dramatically. I’m able to walk around like normal now, albeit with periodic pain. I did a light workout the last few days, including jogging a mile. The tentative plan is to jog two miles today, and then try light weights tomorrow. That’s the step I’m most anxious/nervous about, because, man, you don’t realize how much your body strains down there when lifting weights until something like this happens.


Author: Brett Taylor

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