The Hot Stove Might Be About to Explode with a Chris Sale Trade to the Nationals (UPDATES)

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The Hot Stove Might Be About to Explode with a Chris Sale Trade to the Nationals (UPDATES)

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Chris Sale is one of the best pitchers in baseball, and notwithstanding his aversion to throwback uniforms, would make any team in baseball dramatically better. If that team is one of the best in the National League with a two-year-ish window of contention, a Sale addition would be all the more impactful.

That is to say, this would be a bombshell:

With Sale in the fold, the Nationals would have a rotation fronted by Cy Young winner Max Scherzer, Sale, and Stephen Strasburg, who is at least as good as the first two when healthy. My word.

The fallout from a deal like this would be significant, too, as other Sale suitors scramble toward backup plans, and other NL playoff contenders consider the implications of an even more dominant-looking Nationals club. (For example, does it make the Marlins more or less eager to drop $80+ million on Kenley Jansen?)

Stay on your toes.

UPDATE: The talks are said to be advancing, says Jon Heyman, in this tweet by Jon Heyman that says that thing I just typed:

UPDATE: However, Bob Nightengale says little will happen tonight:

You’ll forgive me if I’m not going to go to bed any time soon.

UPDATE: Jim Bowden – who, hey, probably still has good contacts in Washington after his time there – says the sides are “far down the road” in this deal, and it’s going to be Giolito, Robles, and a low-level minor leaguer for Sale. Even if that other prospect is a good one, that still seems light for Sale. Maybe even very light.


Author: Brett Taylor

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