Reports: Dexter Fowler Going to St. Louis for a Physical, Signing Could Happen (UPDATES: He Has a Deal)

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Reports: Dexter Fowler Going to St. Louis for a Physical, Signing Could Happen (UPDATES: He Has a Deal)

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[SEE UPDATES BELOW. Original post follows.]

I can’t speak to the veracity of this just yet, but given the story, I wanted to share with you the report that’s out there:

The implication there is that Dexter Fowler has agreed to a deal with the Cardinals, and is coming to St. Louis for the physical to finalize the deal. It’s a bit of an odd way for a story like this to break, so that gives me a moment’s pause. It’s also possible that he could come for a pre-agreement physical, but as I understand it, that’s not typical.

We know that the Cardinals have been interested in Fowler for a long time, and were an obvious fit for his services. Previous reports had them offering four years and $60 million. With Jon Jay in the fold for the Cubs, the long-shot Fowler return became an even longer shot, and if Fowler got the right offer, nobody could criticize him for not wanting to wait around again for a Spring Training surprise.

In Fowler, the Cardinals would get a fantastic leadoff hitter and a new center fielder, which would allow them to move Randal Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty to the corners more permanently. In short, Fowler would be a very, very good addition for the Cardinals, who’ll look to make things a little more competitive in the NL Central in 2017.

If Fowler does ultimately sign with the Cardinals, the Cubs would get a compensatory draft pick after the first round, and the Cardinals would lose their first round pick (18th overall). So it’s not all bad news.

We’ll keep following this.

UPDATE: And Bob Nightengale adds the more traditional kind of report:

That doesn’t mean a deal is done, of course, but it does lend credence to the original report. And it certainly means the Cardinals, at a minimum, remain very serious about trying to land Fowler.

UPDATE 2: And now a local report. This very well could be happening, folks:

I like the sound of that “over-the-top offer” thing. If Fowler is going to wind up with the Cardinals, I at least hope he gets PAAAAAID. And I’ll still wish him well personally, and think fondly of his two years in Chicago. He just seemed like a genuinely good guy, in addition to be a fantastic part of two of the best Cubs seasons in recent member, and a key driver in the Cubs’ run to the World Series.

UPDATE 3: Another local report, confirming not only the physical, but the fact that this is probably happening:

UPDATE 4: And there it is, a deal:

So the assumption then, as implied way back in the original tweet, is that Fowler’s headed to St. Louis to take and pass his physical, and then the deal will be final.

Fowler was reportedly looking for five years and around $18 million annually, if my memory still functions properly from a week of feverish, rapid-fire rumors. Offers were reportedly in the four-year, $15 million AAV range. Maybe he got that fifth year added? Or got the AAV up closer to $18 million?

It’s a weird spot to be in right now, rooting for the contract to be enormous – because you know that, in addition to wanting Fowler to GET PAID, there’s a part of you that also wants the Cardinals to be burdened by the deal financially. But that happens only if Fowler doesn’t perform up to his deal … which I don’t really want to root for. Even though, well, it’s not like I want to see the Cardinals do well. Feelings.

UPDATE 5: Yup, the rumored deal is five years and a better AAV than $15 million:

UPDATE 6: He’s gonna put on the jersey tomorrow …


Author: Brett Taylor

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