Report: David Ross Considering Front Office Role with Cubs

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Report: David Ross Considering Front Office Role with Cubs

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david-ross-swingAlthough he retired as a player after the World Series run with the Chicago Cubs, David Ross has not quite left the hearts and minds of fans who are hoping he’ll stick around with the organization in some capacity in his post-playing days. Whenever he’s ready for a new role, that is.

And it seems the Cubs are certainly interested in giving Ross that opportunity, though he will have a number of options for what he wants to do next, given his experience and how well-regarded he is.

Today, Patrick Mooney reports that Ross is considering his options for next year, and he does have an interest in sticking with the Cubs in a front office role. Ross tells Mooney: “I feel like I’m connected to the Cubs for life – or (at least) I want to be. For me to not take advantage of the knowledge that front office has would be naïve. There’s a lot of Hall of Famers in that front office. And I want to get to know that side of things. So, yeah, I’m sure there’s something that’s going to work out in the future with the Cubs.”

Ross said he has to sift through certain options, and determine what the time commitments will be, and how that will work with the time he wants to spend with his family now that he’s retired from his playing days.

Those comments came as part of CSN’s upcoming replay of the Cubs’ 11 postseason wins, beginning Thursday, December 22. Presumably, then, we’ll hear more from Ross then, though it will likely skew toward the on-field activities of the Cubs’ recent dream season.

Mooney’s piece also notes comments from Jed Hoyer at the Winter Meetings last week, where the Cubs’ GM made it very clear that the Cubs would love to have Ross around in some capacity.

Ross was obviously an instrumental part of the Cubs’ clubhouse experience these past two years, helping guide a young roster, and relating to them as a player who has seen so much. To have that mind available for continued probing would be a very valuable thing for the Cubs in the near future, to say nothing of the energy and positivity he also brings. He’s earned the opportunity to proceed how he wants, though, so we’ll have to wait to see what Ross’s role could be for next year, with the Cubs or otherwise.

Long-term, Ross could be a fit as a Major League coach or manager, but he may first spend some time getting to know the front office side of things, while also spending more time with his family.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.