Resting Cubs Now for Another Long Haul and Other Bullets

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Resting Cubs Now for Another Long Haul and Other Bullets

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david-ross-ground-tiredYo: we want to give away some copies of the official World Series Film to Cubs fans. We think we have a fun way to do it. Check it out and get in while you can.

  • Anthony Rizzo is back and ready to gear up for next season after some post-playoffs rest and world traveling ( Because the season went so much longer, Rizzo’s starting his offseason workout preparations later than usual, giving his body plenty of time to recover. It’s going to be interesting to see if and how the Cubs are impacted next season by two straight years of extra long seasons, particularly 2016. The pitchers may once again have to brought along very carefully in the early going (clearly, the Cubs did an excellent job of that in the 2016 regular season, given how little they dealt with in terms of starting pitcher injuries or late ineffectiveness), and it’s all the better that the Cubs have already all but announced that they’ll be using eight relievers to start the season. Hopefully no one goes too nuts on their workouts before Spring Training, and even then the players should ease back into things. I have no qualms about Joe Maddon having the crew ready to answer the bell when April rolls around – so if you see any signs of rust in the Spring, you’re not going to hear any complaining from me. These guys will be ready when it counts.
  • Sincere condolences to the Sager family:

  • I was perusing Cubs playoff GIFs and this is one of my favorites – and that was before I really noticed the fan in the background:

  • Another excellent GIF, and NO SPOILERS:

  • Michael finds weird stuff, man (slap that Follow button):


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