The Cubs Have Mostly Been Excellent at Making Trades and Other Bullets

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The Cubs Have Mostly Been Excellent at Making Trades and Other Bullets

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The Cubs had their White House visit yesterday (you can see the whole thing here if you missed it, including President Obama’s humorous and, at times, touching remarks; as well as Theo Epstein’s equally-impressive comments), and you can read more on the event here, here, and here, among other places.

Some more visuals:

Whatever your political leanings, it’s history. And it’s cool.

  • Mike Petriello writes about 10 baseball trades that look pretty bad now in retrospect, and the Cubs show up in a full 50% of them – four for good, one for bad. Can you guess the five trades without looking? I’ll give you a moment to think before I continue …

  • You’re right: the four good (for the Cubs) trades are the ones that brought in Jake Arrieta (and Pedro Strop), Anthony Rizzo, Addison Russell (and others), and Kyle Hendricks (and Christian Villanueva). That’s a full 40% of the list. This front office has made some excellent trades.
  • The not-so-good is probably also one that you remember well – the Cubs sent Tyler Colvin and some infield prospect who won’t hit in the big leagues and probably can’t even stick at second base for Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers. Not only did the Cubs essentially get nothing (except a headache or two) out of Stewart, that infield prospect blossomed into batting title winner D.J. LeMahieu.
  • (Someday, the Aroldis Chapman trade might show up on a list like this, and we’ll all just have to remember that, without Chapman, the Cubs probably don’t win Game Five of the World Series (if they get that far).)
  • The Cardinals’ ZiPS projections are out for 2017, and, as you peruse, you notice that they project as solid – but not overwhelming – across the board. Lots of good, slightly-better-than-average players at all spots. It has the look of a clear Wild Card contender, but a team that would have trouble taking down an elite team at the top of its division without a whole lot of luck (and that has been Cardinals fans’ fear this offseason). Meanwhile, we await punishment for the Cardinals’ hack.

  • This is also nuts:


Author: Brett Taylor

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