Remember That Crazy Anthony Rizzo Catch? No, Not That One … Or That Other One

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Remember That Crazy Anthony Rizzo Catch? No, Not That One … Or That Other One

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Because why should Brett get all of the memories?

When you hear the words “Anthony Rizzo catch,” you undoubtedly think about his 2015 Tarp Catch and his 2016 Wall Catch:

But there was at least one other crazy catch that kind of kicked it all off.

In 2013, Anthony Rizzo played his first full professional season at the Major League level. And although he wasn’t quite the slugger he is today, he sure set some groovy expectations for what his defense could be at first base:

He has it, he loses it, he stumbles, he snags it, he flips over. The grace was still developing, and, although it’s not quite up there with the other two catches, the bar for incredible highlights was a bit lower back in 2013, with a club that lost 96 games.

Rizzo was not only a Gold Glover for the first time this past year, but he also won the Platinum Glove as the best overall defender in the National League. And while it’s a little suspect to call the Cubs first baseman the best defender in the National League, he certainly has a flair for the dramatic, doesn’t he?

And I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time he reinstates the huge hair, right?

Brett Taylor contributed to this post.


Author: Michael Cerami

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