Chicago Cubs Announce 2017 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

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Chicago Cubs Announce 2017 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

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Do you smell that fresh-cut grass? Do you see the duffel bags loaded with baseball equipment? Do you hear the crack of the bat, the popping of the mitt, and the scuffle of cleats on dirt?

You should probably talk to someone about that.

Spring Training is still a few weeks away, so you shouldn’t be experiencing any of those things just yet. But we’re getting close!

And today, the Chicago Cubs announced the full broadcast schedule for this year’s slate of Spring Training games:

There are 10 televised games listed right now, though keep in mind that (1) a national broadcast or two might yet be picked up, and (2) these are only the games the Cubs’ television partners are broadcasting (if the other team broadcasts a game, we can still see that on Hopefully there will be several more opportunities for visual Cubs baseball when it’s all said and done.

On the radio side, you can see that a number of the games will be on 670 The Score, but many others will be broadcast on (free to listen if you sign up for an account.

The Cubs’ first Spring Training games are on February 25, exactly 32 days away.

And if you need some baseball goodness to satisfy you while you await the arrival of Spring, might I recommend the BABIP/xBABIP statistical dive we took earlier today.


Author: Brett Taylor

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