Spring Training Miscellany: Maddon and Montero Bury the Hatchet, Ferrari, Fan Questions, Juggling, More

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Spring Training Miscellany: Maddon and Montero Bury the Hatchet, Ferrari, Fan Questions, Juggling, More

Chicago Cubs News

So much going on at Cubs camp today …

  • And to kick things off, let’s discuss the hatchet-burying between manager Joe Maddon and catcher Miguel Montero. Last night, the two went to dinner to squash any beef they may have had (Brett shared a picture in the Bullets), and things are apparently as strong as ever:

  • Indeed, Montero has been, for the most part, something of a fan-favorite during his time with the Cubs. (#woow #WeAreGood)
  • Maddon agrees that everything is cool:

  • And with that, I think we can put this story to rest.
  • Like yesterday, John Arguello once again has some brilliant shots from Spring camp, including one of new Cubs closer Wade Davis. Is it just me, or does that dude look intimidating?

  • How cool is Joe Maddon? Well, he’s the coolest and you’ll just have to deal with it:

  • He also managed to spend most of the day with the Cubs’ top two prospects, and from the sound of it, he was very impressed:

  • In case you aren’t two familiar with either of those (although I doubt it): Jimenez is a young outfielder who’s recently and consistently ranked at least amongst the top 15 or so prospects in baseball, and Happ is second base/outfield prospect who’ll likely be just a phone call away from the Majors this season. The former has an explosive swing and as much offensive upside as anyone, while the latter has a polished, professional approach at the plate, and could contribute very soon.
  • Here’s Jimenez taking a couple of hacks:

  • I don’t want to call anything too early, but Tim Buss is clearly winning Spring Training so far:

  • He’s looking like a boss right there, but wait till you see how he showed up to camp, and why.
  • Style baby, style:

  • Yup, that’s Tim Buss arriving in a white Ferrari, apparently to drive home the manager’s message of humility (in other words, here’s what the opposite of humility looks like). You can read more about the story here.
  • I think I know the appropriate word for this: #Adorbs


  • Some stray shots of the players:

  • Kris Bryant and Tommy La Stella are becoming friends (“HE BETTER NOT REPLACE ME” – Anthony Rizzo, probably).

  • Who’s willing to bet against Arrieta this year? I sure won’t:

  • Gosh darn it, Anthony, stop being so perfect:

  • Ben Zobrist, Kyle Hendricks, Kris Bryant, Jason Heyward, and Addison Russell answered some fun fan questions (I’m suddenly reminded about how unbelievably likable this Cubs team is from top to bottom). Ben Zobrist was asked: “Who is the funniest Person on the team?”

  • Kyle Hendricks was asked: “Who is most fun to prank, and why?”

  • Kris Bryant was asked: “Who will now be in charge of being shirtless in absence of Travis [Wood]?”

  • Jason Heyward was asked: “You’re having dinner and can invite one historical figure. Who do you invite and why?”

  • And finally, Addison Russell was asked the million dollar question: “What song would Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo use to describe their friendship?” His response is killer:

  • And lastly, poor Rob Zastryzny … I know who you are!

  • And it only took me three tries (plus one Google) to spell your name correctly!


Author: Michael Cerami

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