Let's Peek in on the Work Ongoing at Wrigley Field

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Let’s Peek in on the Work Ongoing at Wrigley Field

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The Chicago Cubs will open up the home slate of their TITLE DEFENSE at Wrigley Field on April 10, which is just a hair over a month away. As you know, feverish work has been ongoing at the ballpark this offseason as part of the larger Wrigley Field restoration and development project, albeit on a more abbreviated timeline this offseason thanks to the Cubs’ World Series run.

Even as Opening Day approaches, though, you can see there’s still plenty to do:

The work outside the ballpark continues, as well, with the Western Gate and restored Wrigley exterior looking just about ready:

You are reminded that, as part of this offseason’s portion of the work, the bullpens have been relocated under the outfield bleachers:

The relocation will improve outfielder safety, obviously, but at the expense of fans being able to see the relievers getting up and down in the bullpens. I presume that information will now be communicated – if at all – in the way it is at so many other parks where the bullpens are not visible, with updates on the various LED boards around the park. The bullpen relocation also afforded the Cubs the ability to put in some additional premium seats, though the overall capacity in the park is not expected to be dramatically changed by the renovation project.


Author: Brett Taylor

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