What You Show in Spring Training, the Javy Tag, the Hendricks Trade, and Other Bullets

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What You Show in Spring Training, the Javy Tag, the Hendricks Trade, and Other Bullets

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I’m headed out to the back fields this morning to hopefully catch some Cubs prospect action there. It’s pretty much one of my favorite things to do all baseball season long, because you’re just right there in the middle of it.

  • This came in for mention last night in the Spring Training Miscellany, but I think it’s worth pointing out here, as well:

  • That’s from yesterday’s Brewers starter, Kyle Davies, whom many believe will be something of a breakout guy this year thanks to his command, movement, and deception. Does he have a legit concern that showing a team like the Cubs too much right now could hurt him in the regular season? It’s something to consider, though my instinct is that it’s even more important not to show particular hitters how you’re going to attack them (pitch selection and location, and then sequencing) in the regular season. Yes, you want to practice what you’re going to be in the regular season, but you don’t necessarily have to show a hitter exactly what you’re going to try to do to him.
  • Could this be yet another reason for the disparity in performance between veterans and younger or non-roster players in the spring? If a veteran is completely confident that he’s got a spot on the team, and has absolutely no interest in “proving” anything in the results in the spring, might he be far more inclined to let opponents see what he wants them to see in the spring, as opposed to what he thinks will get them out? The obvious caveat there is that a pitcher still has to work on all of his stuff and get his arm into shape by Opening Day, but, in individual at bats against certain future foes, surely the pitcher can mess around a bit.
  • A CSN interview with Cubs-pitcher-turned-special-assistant Ted Lilly includes a variety of interesting bits, including his comments on the failed 2012 Ryan Dempster trade to the Dodgers. It turns out that Dodgers execs asked Lilly’s thoughts on acquiring Dempster, but apparently they didn’t heed his advice, because the deal didn’t go through. Which was good news for the Cubs, obviously, because they wound up sending Dempster to Texas at the last minute for Christian Villanueva … and Kyle Hendricks.
  • Team Puerto Rico beat Team Dominican Republic last night in a heavily-anticipated WBC match-up, which not only produced a beauty of a no-look tag from Javy Baez, but also netted a pretty great celebration at the end:

  • The Javy tag, by the way:

  • Compliments for Carl Jr. from Carl’s Jr. after Carl Jr. complimented Carl’s Jr.:


Author: Brett Taylor

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