David DeJesus is Back, Sammy Sosa's Long Homer, and Other Bullets

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David DeJesus is Back, Sammy Sosa’s Long Homer, and Other Bullets

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I feel like I exercised in Arizona by virtue of all the walking you do naturally when you’re there, but I finally got back to a workout class this morning (first since two Sundays ago), and boy did I suck. Fitness takes so long and so much regularity to build up, and then it deteriorates rapidly if you let it. That seems like a really dumb evolutionary quality in humans. Would have been way better if fitness came very easily and lasted forever. And if we all were a little taller. And more handsome. With more manageable hair, and a talent for everything.

  • David DeJesus is back! Well, kind of: Robert Feder reports that DeJesus will take the CSN pre-and-post-Cubs-game spot vacated by Todd Hollandsworth. DeJesus was the first free agent signing by the new front office, and was with the Cubs in 2012 and the first half of 2013, before he was traded as part of the rebuild. In that short time, though, fans gravitated to DeJesus, and it was very clear that he was the type of player this front office was very interested in bringing aboard. In many ways, bringing in hard-working, positive-attitude, good-clubhouse guys like DeJesus in the early days of the rebuild was a huge part of what the clubhouse eventually became as the Cubs headed toward playoff contention. I’m not going to go crazy and say DeJesus deserves a World Series ring, but I do think it would be inaccurate not to remember him – together with many other players who came and went – as an important part of the rebuilding process that did ultimately culminate in a championship. It’ll be good to have him back in the fold.
  • And I’m not just saying that because now I get to use this image again, but I’m not not saying it either:

  • Speaking of reunions, Barry Bonds is back with the Giants after his one-year stint as the Marlins’ hitting coach (which did not work out, to the surprise of few):

  • Apropos – *cough* – of nothing at all, this was too fantastic not to share – a clip of Sammy Sosa’s monster 2003 Game 2 NLCS bomb and the magnificent Kenny Lofton reaction that followed:

  • A would-be baseball fan in Croatia wrote to every MLB team asking why he should be a fan of theirs – eight teams actually responded. (The Cubs, however, did not. Yet. Start coming up with those reasons, Cubs!)
  • Remember when Kris Bryant was still just a prospect:


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