David Ross Busts Out the Jive on 'Dancing with the Stars' (VIDEO)

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David Ross Busts Out the Jive on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (VIDEO)

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When David Ross started this ‘Dancing with the Stars’ thing, I think it’s fair to admit that we followed from a novelty perspective. He’s a beloved former Cub/current Cubs executive, and he’s going to be dancing on the TV. That’s kinda funny, and so let’s watch.

For the most part, from a Cubs fan perspective, that’s exactly what it’s been – fun and sometimes crazy.

But as Ross’s season goes on successfully, I have to make a note that it kinda looks like he’s just getting good at it. As a novelty, then, my interest in Ross on DWTS has waned, but my level of awe at his ability to pick up this complicated dance numbers and execute them flawlessly in the span of a week has only grown.

Take last night’s performance, for example. He was just flat out good at dancing:

Maybe my bar is really low, but that was good, wasn’t it? The leg kicking part especially, I was like … hey, man, he looks like a dancer person!

I guess the competition is thinning, though, as Ross and his partner, Lindsay Arnold, scored a 29 out of 40, which was the lowest score of the week. Still, he lives to dance another day, and will be back next week! As a maybe kinda probably pretty good dance!


Author: Brett Taylor

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