Kris Bryant Left Tonight's Game with a Tight Calf, But There is *Probably* No Reason to Worry

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Kris Bryant Left Tonight’s Game with a Tight Calf, But There is *Probably* No Reason to Worry

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On a cold night in a blowout, with the end of the game near, a star player sitting down the rest of the way is far from a remarkable thing.

So when Kris Bryant was pinch hit for tonight, I didn’t really think anything of it. I still don’t think TOO much of it, but it wasn’t entirely without a health-related reason:

Before you freak, according to Bryant, there’s no reason to worry:

I’d probably put my number much lower than 300 percent, but Bryant’s word certainly carries some weight. We’ve seen this kind of thing before, though, where a guy feels mostly OK after a game, sleeps, and then is evaluated the next day, at which point things have tightened up a bit more, there’s increased discomfort, and he winds up having to miss some games. I’m not saying I expect that to happen here, but, despite Bryant’s words, it shouldn’t flabbergast you if it happens. Neither should it surprise you if Bryant plays tomorrow like nothing happened, and we never even think of this again.

In either case, here’s hoping a nice night’s sleep is all it takes for the calf tightness to fade into memory.

Otherwise, it was a nice night, as Bryant was honored for his MVP award, and knocked a homer and a triple in the game.


Author: Brett Taylor

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