Shortstop for the Day, Javy Baez Pulls Off a Ridiculous Play in the Hole (VIDEO)

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Shortstop for the Day, Javy Baez Pulls Off a Ridiculous Play in the Hole (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs Highlights

Most teams really have to take their lumps when resting their starting shortstop. The Cubs are not most teams.

That is to say, most teams do not have a Javy Baez available to spell Addison Russell, and miss virtually no beats at shortstop, despite the fact that Russell is a Gold Glove caliber defender.

Baez doesn’t spend too much time at his previously-natural position these days, but when he gets out to shortstop, he still looks more than capable.

One example came today in the 8th inning of the Cubs’ win over the Giants, as Joe Panik slapped one into the hole, a certain hit. Except Javy:

That wasn’t just a great job getting to that ball, but from where Baez was, there’s almost no way to get enough on the throw to make the play close at first base.

When he needs it, though, Baez has a freaking cannon:

Baez’s defensive metrics haven’t yet been as superlative this year as last year (it can take time for them to smooth out), and we haven’t seen as many unbelievable plays. But the guy can still play special defense. We’ll see plenty more of it as the season goes on, wherever he’s playing.


Author: Brett Taylor

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