Make Your Own Breaks, Arrieta's Sweat Problem, Heyward Snaps a Bat, and Other Bullets

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Make Your Own Breaks, Arrieta’s Sweat Problem, Heyward Snaps a Bat, and Other Bullets

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A very Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers among you, and the stepfathers and the sons and daughters and friends and anyone else impacted by a dad out there.

  • It’s funny. I wrote the following two paragraphs as part of what was going to be the EBS for Friday night’s game, before the Cubs came back and changed the whole story. But after last night’s one-run loss, it’s still pretty applicable:

“It feels like there is not a close call or ball in the baseball world that is going the Cubs’ way right now. And in a one-run loss, any number of close calls could have swung the game the other way.

But the reality of baseball is this: you can’t choose what breaks you are or are not going to get. But you can marginalize their importance by performing consistently well. The Cubs are not doing that right now, so it’s hard for me to be angry about any particular coin flip play or call that goes against them.”

  • The good news is that Jake Arrieta’s thumb cut did not open back up or bother him in the 5th inning last night when he completely lost his command and had to be pulled from the game ( The bad news is that it was instead something that you really wouldn’t want to see happen in any game: he was sweating too much to grip the ball effectively. Rosin, pants, dirt – wasn’t working for him, and that was that. I’d imagine many of you will react with something like an angry chihuahua barking “excuses!”, and I’m just going to leave it alone. Sometimes a guy has a legit issue that happens to occur after another legit issue. And sometimes, of course, there are bigger concerns at play. Time will tell.
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  • At least the rest of the Central except the Pirates lost. And the Brewers lost the kind of game that would have driven you mad. Not only did they lose to the Padres (been there), but they blew a 3-1 lead, gave up a two-run homer in the 10th, but managed their own two-run homer to tie the game in the bottom of the 10th … and then lost it in the 11th on another two-run homer. They also struck out 19 times and didn’t walk once.
  • Joe Maddon talked about Kris Bryant’s recent mini-slump – because the Cubs definitely needed another guy to struggle at the wrong time – as involving some chasing out of the zone (Tribune). In fairness to Bryant, it’s less a slump than a few bad games in a row, which you’ll have. In the 70 PAs before these last three games, Bryant hit .250/.443/.519.
  • The update on Kyle Hendricks’ hand (tendinitis) is mostly a non-update, as he’s still waiting for the pain to be gone before he can start throwing again ( Unfortunately, because there is now such a gap between when he was able to throw fully and whenever it is that he throws fully again, the process of ramping back up will probably not be immediate. In other words, even after Hendricks is pain free, don’t expect him back right away.
  • Jason Heyward was perturbed last night:

  • Good stuff here:

  • Either way, I’m cracking up:

  • Manny Machado is a freak (also, #CardinalsLose):

  • Nicely done, AtMLB:

  • Amazon’s Echo Dot is on sale today for under $40. I’ve mentioned ours before – it’s just a fun, convenient thing to have in the kitchen (IMO).


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