The End of the Break, the Cubs Win an Award, and Other Bullets

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The End of the Break, the Cubs Win an Award, and Other Bullets

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The Taylor Family is headed to Chicago today for a little visit, so I’m doing a little writing in the car while trying to figure out why the kids’ audiobooks are not working, passing them a snack, answering questions about weather patterns, and staving off the hint of motion sickness I get these days while trying to type in the car …

  • The last day of the All-Star break is here, with games getting back underway tomorrow, as the Cubs head to Baltimore to face an extremely beatable Orioles club. With a hot enough start out of the break, the Cubs can largely erase the memory of an underachieving first half, to say nothing of the 5.5-game deficit they now face in the Central. With too many losses in that first week back, however, the Cubs may be confronted not only by uncomfortable questions about the direction of the organization at the Trade Deadline, but also by the compounding impact of continued struggles and pressing and struggles and pressing.
  • The Cubs won! It’s a major award! Or something! It looks like Mike Montgomery is in real danger in this picture:

  • The award was accepted by a still-partying Bill Murray, with Nick Offerman looking dapper and a surprise appearance by David Ross as a part-time custodian (he doesn’t have enough gigs):

  • The Cubs were certainly down in the first half, but players assembled for the All-Star Game aren’t counting them out yet (Tribune). You almost wish they would, though. Give ’em that underdog edge … you know, the underdog defending World Champions.
  • I wrote about that Kyle Schwarber-Tigers rumor earlier this week if you missed it, and Sahadev Sharma lands in the same place:

  • Bryce Harper expressed some disdain for spending time in New York City due to the “crazy and hectic” way things are, which could throw some cold water on the long-standing theory that he’s all but a Yankee when he reaches free agency after next season. Of course, Harper has already admitted to messing with the media a bit on these things, so … yeah, it probably means nothing.
  • I will be at this thing tonight at Local Option at 7pm if you want to meet up with some Chicago-area baseball writers:


Author: Brett Taylor

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