Wade Davis is Perfect and Strike-Out-ier, So Are Cubs Batters, and Other Bullets

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Wade Davis is Perfect and Strike-Out-ier, So Are Cubs Batters, and Other Bullets

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Annually, the toughest part of the Blogathon, outside of the obviously brutal overnight period, is working through the “regular” BN posts while trying to keep up with the extra everything else. The Bullets always take me the longest out of almost any post we do at BN, and doing it while keeping an eye on rumors, tweeting about hard hats, and walking to the next writing location, is hard!

So please forgive any noticeable brevity …

  • If you missed it, I’m sorry to let you know that John Arguello of Cubs Den has passed away. Love to John, condolences to his family, and my thoughts on a man I’ll miss.
  • Wade Davis got ready in a hurry last night to close out the game in the 11th inning, and although he walked one, he also struck out two to remain perfect:

  • Davis’s strikeout rate is a whopping 34.7% on the year, his highest figure since the first year he moved to the bullpen with the Royals back in 2014. Only six relievers in the NL have a higher strikeout rate than Davis; incidentally, one of those pitchers is his bullpen-mate, Carl Edwards Jr. (37.1%).
(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
  • Also, Wade was the answer to my oh-no-he’s-already-cracking-up Twitter question:

  • Speaking of Cubs relievers, Pedro Strop got JACKED UP after pitching his clean inning and finishing it off with a K:

  • Now, I do agree with AtCubs that the pictures are absolutely fantastic, but if you play with the GIF a little bit …

  • You may have seen in the lineup that Anthony Rizzo is absent – no, he’s not being traded, he’s getting a break for a sore back. With a late game last night, an off-day tomorrow, and a back-up catching youngster who could soon be headed back to AAA Iowa, all the pieces fit for a precautionary day of rest for Rizzo (and one more start for Caratini). Here’s hoping that’s all it is. Joe Maddon is calling it “day-to-day,” for what it’s worth (Muskat).
  • About those 17 strikeouts last night, Maddon was not happy:

  • It wasn’t but a year ago that Madison Bumgarner looked like a rock solid, every start ace, and one signed to the most team-friendly contract in baseball. And then the 27-year-old came to Spring Training with depressed velocity, and then got in a serious motorbike accident. Since his return, he’s been sitting at just 90 mph. Maybe more will come back, and maybe not. He can probably still be reasonably effective at that level, but it’s unlikely he’ll be even remotely as dominant as he was. It can go so quickly, especially for pitchers.
  • A reminder about what can happen if the carriage rates that justify a monster TV rights deal are too high:

  • The Cubs’ TV rights are open as of the end of 2019, by the way, and you better believe they and prospective network or ISP partners are viewing the Dodgers as a case study.
  • Paul Sullivan was tweaking Brewers GM David Stearns about the overload of Cubs fans at Miller Park this weekend, but Stearns wouldn’t concede that Cubs fans overwhelmed Brewers fans. I guess he has to tow that line, but watch any of the games, close your eyes, and you can tell when something good happened for the Cubs, because it gets loud.
  • That’s an awesome picture in several ways:

  • Seriously, even just the first play on its own should not be possible. But then to add the second play on the VERY NEXT PITCH? Dude. Yoan Moncada:


Author: Brett Taylor

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