#BNBlogathon Check-In: Hour 32

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#BNBlogathon Check-In: Hour 32

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I am currently blogging – here, on Facebook, and on Twitter (hash tag #BNBlogathon for those who want to jump into the fray themselves) – for 40 hours straight, until a little past MLB’s July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline, thanks to your generous donations to Make-A-Wish. I’ll be doing recaps on the process throughout the day, but you’ll also see normal posting (Bullets, news, Pre-Gamin’, EBS, etc.), as well as a significant uptick in rumor/trade posts.

I gotta say, I was feeling really bad earlier this morning. The tiredness, sure, but I forget every year that you also feel sick to your stomach for a period of time while your body adjusts to a new day without having gotten any sleep the night before.

I feel pretty good now. Not normal, but pretty good. I’m definitely slower in my faculties.

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News and Rumors Since the Last Check-In:

The Cubs kept tabs on Sonny Gray, but the price tag just isn’t going to work.

A bundle of other rumor bits here.

Are the Cardinals finally going to give it up:

Most Interesting Tidbit Since the Last Recap:

I’m just waiting for a team to blink in the Gray-Darvish-Britton cluster. It seems like if/when one of those deals shakes loose, it’ll open up a flurry of activity. There’s only three hours to go before the deadline!

Current Thoughts About the Chicago Cubs’ Trade Deadline Strategy/Execution:

The time is dwindling, but right now, you’ve still gotta feel like the Cubs have done as well as any contender to improve their team in the near and medium term, without sacrificing from their big league roster. They had needs for a controllable starting pitcher, an impact reliever, and a back-up catcher. Check, check, check.

Consider this:

Maybe the Dodgers just didn’t like Justin Wilson, but it’s hard for me to understand them letting him go to the Cubs if they were truly committed to getting a wipeout lefty – they could easily have beaten the Cubs’ offer. Maybe they know they can get Britton? Maybe they’re still just too stingy with prospects?

Current Beverage/Stimulant of Choice:

Back to Coke Zero Sugar, which is growing on me.

Where I’m Writing:

Back at the condo, because I had to eat … which includes a cinnamon roll, which is in my fridge.

Strangest Thought Passing Through My Mind:

What if I’m in a zone where I *think* I’m totally clear and cognizant, but I only think that because I’m actually rather impacted by my sleep deprivation. I feel cogent. But am I?

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