Trade Deadline Morning: Darvish and Gray Holding Up the Market? STL Buying? Reed to Sox, More

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Trade Deadline Morning: Darvish and Gray Holding Up the Market? STL Buying? Reed to Sox, More

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The morning has passed by relatively quietly, save for the official announcement of the Cubs-Tigers trade. Checking in elsewhere …

  • All eyes – well, not all eyes, but, like, lots of ’em – are on the Sonny Gray and Yu Darvish standoffs. Lots of teams apparently still in on Darvish:

  • I wonder if there are other pockets of the market being held up by Darvish/Gray, since teams all know those two will be traded. It’s not hard to imagine Team X waiting to decide on a sell decision to know if they’re going to be able to market Player Y to the Yankees or Dodgers or Astros or whoever. And then it compounds from there. Where it gets really thorny is if the A’s and/or Rangers decide to take this thing right up to the 3 pm CT deadline.
  • The Mets are going to deal Addison Reed to the Red Sox, as the reliever market starts to shake loose following the Cubs’ acquisition of Justin Wilson:

  • Perhaps Reed shook out as the Zach Britton market heats up, or vice versa? In any case, reports have the Indians pushing hard for Britton (that’d be a fun pairing with Andrew Miller, eh?), but the Dodgers and Astros still interested.
  • So, are the Cardinals really going to buy? Or, more to the point, are they really not going to sell:

  • At present, the Cardinals are 4.5 games behind the Cubs, a team that has improved dramatically on paper in the last few weeks. Without a couple really significant acquisitions, I don’t see the Cardinals likely competing in the Central this year (it’s always *possible,* but you have to evaluate likelihoods – where are they now, 20%? 15%?). So, why not sell off Lance Lynn? There aren’t a ton of tradable assets beyond that, but Lynn could net a nice prospect, and maybe you don’t want to risk giving him a qualifying offer after the season anyway. Personally, I hope the Cardinals don’t sell, which should tell you what I really think.
  • As for the Pirates, I think they’re the better other contender on paper, but they’re 5.5 games back, will be without Starling Marte in the postseason if they make it, and could get a haul at this moment for Gerrit Cole (and could probably get value for Andrew McCutchen – which wasn’t always the case). I’m not trying to tell all other NL Central teams to sell, but, well …
  • To the extent you hadn’t already assumed this:


Author: Brett Taylor

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