More Winning, Bryant's Hand, Enough Already, Edwards, Dusty Gonna Dusty, and Other Bullets

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More Winning, Bryant’s Hand, Enough Already, Edwards, Dusty Gonna Dusty, and Other Bullets

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At first, when I heard that ESPN had moved their announcer, Robert Lee, off of an upcoming Virginia game because his name is coincidentally the same as that of the Confederate general whose statue spurred the ugliness in Charlottesville, I just shook my head. How ridiculously silly, I thought. Worse, it’s perfect grist for the “grr PC is bad!” mill. Because, well, this looked like “PC” being really bad.

Then I thought about how this all might have played out for Lee, a part-time announcer with a dream, if he’d been left on that game. What if he became the subject of some extensive trolling and meme-ery? Like, what if it blew up and was “hilarious” to everyone? Step back for a second and drink in our current internet culture (I raise my own hand on that one), and you know this would have happened. And then what happens to Lee? Who is permanently attached to those jokes, and the horrible events of Charlottesville? We’ve seen public lives ruined for much less.

So, then, I actually now think ESPN made the right decision. But, unfortunately, because of the way this thing has blown up – and because of how GD compassionless people can be – Lee is going to be marked now anyway.

To that I say: good work, internet. You really accomplished something kind for this guy, who is just trying to do some part-time announcing when he isn’t otherwise at his full-time job at at a payroll services company.

  • With last night’s win, the Cubs are now a season-high 10 games over .500. The Cubs first reached 10 games over .500 last year … in April. Lulz. Even at their midseason low, the Cubs never came close to be “only” 10 games over .500 again last year. However, the 2015 team, which finished with 97 wins, didn’t first hit 10 games up until August.
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  • Whatever the state of his hand this morning (X-rays last night were negative, thankfully), Kris Bryant is going to get the night off tonight, according to Joe Maddon (Sharma). That was close to being the plan even before the HBP, apparently. So, that is to say, if Bryant is sitting tonight, don’t freak.
  • As the Cubs started to pour it on last night, the obligatory “Enough Already” jokes were in full force, invoking the infamous utterance by Reds broadcaster Thom Brennaman early last year as the Cubs were blasting the Reds and Cubs fans were going nuts in Cincinnati. God bless him, Brennaman added another one to the mix last night, as the Reds couldn’t get out of the 8th inning:

  • After racial incidents all ballparks, among other unacceptable fan behavior, MLB is going to institute a fan code of conduct across all 30 teams for the 2018 season.
  • Carl Edwards Jr. since his meltdown in Washington earlier this month: 6.2 IP, 1.35 ERA, 2.53 FIP, 47.6%(!) strikeout rate, 4.8%(!!!!!!!!) walk rate.
  • I’ll admit that I hadn’t thought about this as a record held by Sammy Sosa: most home runs by a foreign-born player, with 609. But he doesn’t have that record anymore, as Albert Pujols hit his 610th homer last night.
  • The Cubs have unquestionably had their share of mistake contracts, but after a failed pursuit of Brett Cecil that the Cardinals ultimately won out, if I remember correctly, by adding a fourth year, this looks so very bad:

  • No way this is not possible I don’t believe it nuh uh:


Author: Brett Taylor

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