REPORT: Red Sox Stole Yankees Signs Using an Apple Watch

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REPORT: Red Sox Stole Yankees Signs Using an Apple Watch

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Man. The Red Sox and Yankees get all the good rivalry stories about stealing stuff.

*remembers Cardinals stole information from the Astros in order to gain a competitive advantage (and then got a totally bogus punishment for it)*

OK, I guess that’s not true. But the Cardinals didn’t steal from the Cubs, so this still kinda holds. The Red Sox and Yankees have another great chapter to add to their storied rivalry:

You can and should read the report for the particulars, but the Yankees accused the Red Sox of having a trainer use an Apple Watch to relay Yankees pitching signals that were nabbed by the Red Sox’s video replay officials. Upon video review and an investigation by the league … the Red Sox were busted.

The Red Sox apparently fired right back, claiming the Yankees are stealing Red Sox signs using the YES Network.

We’ll see if that one goes anywhere, but for now, the Red Sox are likely in some trouble. Sign-stealing has long been a part of the game, but with the proliferation of video around the park, MLB figures to crack down on using electronic means to steal signs. (Even if, you know, it didn’t crack down especially hard on one organization using electronic means to steal valuable information from another organization … I’m not bitter or anything.)

Read the New York Times report for the full particulars. This is juicy fun if you’re on the outside.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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